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I Can Help You...

  • Expand your reach, student numbers and income
  • Align digital marketing including developing, growing and focusing your social media presence
  • Monetise your services and gain confidence with pricing
  • Discover your niche
  • Help students and create a passive income stream through selling digital products
  • Create a flexible digital teaching business that fits with the way that you want to live
  • Achieve super-clarity on where your digital teaching needs to be one year from now and beyond
  • Create a robust growth and business plan to move you from where you are now to where you'd like to be
  • Become highly motivated and focused on developing your teaching practice
  • Design products and services that are right for you and your followers
  • Help you determine the best channels for delivering your teaching
  • Leverage popular platforms like Udemy, Insight Timer, Leadpages, WordPress, IGTV, Zoom and YouTube
  • Offer 121 coaching sessions and programmes
  • Manage relationships and communication with followers and students
  • Gain confidence in your own ability and style
  • Work confidently with Zoom groups
  • Bring more consciousness and Presence into your teaching
  • Cultivate more self-compassion including managing your time and energy
Darren Cockburn

About Darren Cockburn - An Experienced Mindfulness Teacher & Coach You Can Trust

Hey there! I'm passionate about helping you achieve digital teaching goals. Book your free Discovery Coaching Session and benefit from my experience..


  • Helped hundreds of mindfulness, meditation and yoga teachers grow their businesses
  • Over two decades of coaching experience
  • Supported a wide range of people from those just starting out to some of the world's leading teachers
  • Received coaching awards and published articles for The Coaching Academy
  • Businesses grown and flourished as a result of my coaching interventions
  • Delivered corporate coaching sessions and programmes up to CEO level

Small Business & Corporate

  • A decade of experience creating and managing successful businesses across the areas of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and consultancy
  • Produced strategies, business plans and marketing plans for businesses of all sizes
  • Guided business change and transformation
  • Two decades of technical IT experience
  • Held senior management roles and directorships across a range of organisations of different sizes and from multiple sectors
  • Programme and project management expertise enables me to help you take a structured approach to business creations or transformations of any size

Mindfulness & Spiritual

  • Founder of Conscious Digital Teachers community for mindfulness, meditation and yoga
  • Recognised mindfulness expert and founder of the Mindfulness Online Training learning portal and podcast
  • Collaborated with and been endorsed by internationally leading teachers
  • Established Insight Timer teacher
  • Two acclaimed books full of mindfulness, meditation and spiritual guidance
  • Tens of thousands of people benefited from my teachings
  • Delivered hundreds of mindfulness training sessions and workshops
  • Regularly invited to give informative interviews, talks and workshops on mindfulness and spiritual teachings
  • Articles published in globally leading spiritual magazines and web sites
  • Nominee for the "Emerging Voices Award" by Kindred Spirit Magazine


"When I look back to when I started my coaching program with Darren the differences are significant and wonderful. Thanks to Darren I discovered my niche and got clarity and focus on where I was heading.

During our coaching programme I designed and planned an online course offer and started my Mindful Dentistry Training brand. Darren not only coached me how to do it but also introduced me to tools I could use and how to market my product. I had difficulties in putting myself “out there” and charging for my products, Darren helped me move through with his kind approach and guidance.

Darren brings an holistic expertise where everything flows with ease, always in alignment with what feels right to you. And you always feel you are being listened to. It’s not only numbers, or marketing, or strategy, it’s you, what is right for you.

My business is thriving, and I am a better Mindfulness teacher thanks to him.

Working with Darren is an inspiration. I highly recommend it."

Manuela Rodrigues, Mindful Dentistry


"I've just finished my last session in the coaching programme I've been doing with Darren. And I wanted to share some of my reflections...

Having the rigour of the sessions has been immensely valuable in helping me articulate what I do, why I do it and who I do it with/for - leading to the launch of The Positive Menopause (something I'd been skirting round for a while!)

Darren's calm approach and expert guidance has helped me identify where best to spend my time, and how to prioritise actions - he's extremely generous with his own experience which is immensely helpful!

Critically - his grounding in 'right intent' has helped me move through blockers / distractions and remain directly connected to what motivates and anchors me in my own work - I love what I do and it feels even clearer now than it ever has

I am so grateful to myself (!) that I made the decision to work with Darren. It's very easy to think we can do things on our own - particularly when we have a wealth of life experience, as so many of us do - but it is ALWAYS valuable to have someone walking beside you for parts of your journey. Fortunately, the right guide arrived at the right time - as they always do!

My last thought is something I hold very dear - coaches, teachers and therapists all need coaches teachers and therapists! That way, of course, we can also continue to grow and develop as we support others. 😃"

Henny Flynn, Coach & Author


"I have been teaching for many years, self-funding my website, podcast and any courses taken without being able to make a career out my love for meditation.

Rather than being a career, my efforts were actually draining my own finances.

I was very uncomfortable with the idea of monetising my efforts but Darren helped me to see that without financial support, my desire to help others to achieve the same peace of mind I had found, were severely restricted.

Darren very gently nudged me in a direction I was comfortable with and seemed to intuit what was right for my personality without allowing me slide off into my comfort zone.

I am now fully inspired and the results I once hoped would drop from a cloud, are now an ever-increasing reality.

I wish I had met Darren years ago but they say when the student is ready, the teacher arrives."

Chris Manning, Meditation Teacher & Influencer


"I so recommend speaking with Darren about finding your niche. He offers beautiful and helpful insights. Besides that, he's the kindest"

Femke E. Bakker, PhD, Meditation Teacher


"Darren successfully combines many aspects that make him a great teacher. He listens intently to others and uses his years of experience and personal spiritual development to provide insights and helpful suggestions. His ability to fully focus on the conversation taking place allows Darren to ask open questions with the goal of bringing out underlying issues and advancing the spiritual progress of his students.

His calm, kind manner and consistent focus on living in the present moment make him a pleasure to be around. My personal experience with Darren has consisted both of personal coaching sessions and attending his classes. In both arenas I have found him to offer a welcoming and open environment focused on helping others quieten the noise in their minds and lead happier lives."


"Bringing my coaching business online seemed rather daunting a few months ago. I'm glad I signed up for the coaching and mentoring programme with Darren. He helped to clarify step-by-step what to put in place in order to succeed as an online business."


"Darren knows the online meditation market and has been well placed to advise on what might work. He really sought to understand my work and attitude so that he can best help me achieve my goals. He’s helped me clarify what's important personally. He's really good at helping me formulate a plan and then organise my work around that plan so that there's a sense of focus, which I need support with. He's compassionate, thoughtful and kind and willing to go the extra mile to offer insight and advice. I really recommend him."


"I highly recommend the Discovery session with Darren. In one hour I had wonderful insights about my business and I discovered my niche!"


"I joined this group not too long ago and have already found it to be a truly valuable resource. My thanks to Darren for organizing and to the energy of the community!" Mike Kavanagh, Community Member


"I highly recommend spending some time with Darren ~ I felt supported and inspired."


"I have utilised Darren's coaching services as way to improving, not just my business, but my personal life as well. I have found Darren to be very personable and someone with whom I hope to work with again in the future.”


"Darren provided some excellent coaching helping me to manage and succeed with a large scale NHS project. He also provided some excellent tools which I still use to this day to support me.”

Andy Smith, Mental Health Commissioning and Service Development Project Manager


"Quick note to say thank you, Darren. Sessions have already proved to be useful. Grateful & busy working things through!


"I worked with Darren when I needed to find a new path in my life. He was able to not only help identify the root cause of my unhappiness but he also helped provide me with tools and techniques to address my situation and help me out the other side of a very distressing time. I have now found a lot more peace and harmony and am better able to deal with stressful or difficult circumstances in a more skilful and mindful way - thanks a lot!!"

Kevin Magee


"Honest, balanced and the epitome of professional, Darren is a focused and natural leader. His enthusiasm, calm, controlled style and experience providing reassurance and guidance at all times. Darren is committed to leading his projects and all who contribute to them, to success.”

Simone France, Marketing and Brand Professional


"Darren took on the Programme Manager role for one of Experian's largest multi million pound strategic projects, with a boundless enthusiasm and energy. No matter how many times he looked to be down for the count he picked himself up and got back into the fray. He was very self analytical, and took feedback particularly well - always seeking ways to improve his effectiveness by understanding the business imperatives and how his actions could help ensure the desired outcome. A great guy, always positive and persistent on his follow-up. He made a real difference to my project, I'm happy to recommend Darren."

Phil Nolan, Director at Chalo Consultancy Limited


"Darren has done an outstanding job establishing a group wide PMO within Tarmac and transformed the way that programmes and projects are managed here. I made him personally accountable for the management of £50m EBITDA during 2012 and 2013 and he is on target to deliver against this under challenging conditions.  

During his time at Tarmac Darren has worked with the board and senior directors on a number of occasions to set the strategy for organisational change, which he has delivered through strategic initiatives within his PMO portfolio. This has aligned our change programmes with business strategy and for the first time we have a clear understanding of the status of projects and priorities.  

Darren understands how to blueprint and drive through organisational change. He was instrumental in helping me establish Tarmac’s Business Optimisation group (170 staff) as we integrated seven central functions and six business units. This was in parallel with setting up the PMO. 

On a personal level, Darren is very easy to work with and is well respected here at Tarmac. His calm and considered approach provides a good climate for those he works with. He has also provided coaching and mentoring support to staff alongside his PMO role.  I would be happy to recommend Darren for change related directorships, head of function positions, PMO and Programme Management roles.”

Martin Riley, Senior Vice President at Tarmac

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